Cory Booker

for Middlebury Straw Poll

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We are running a campaign that seeks to show Midd that Cory Booker is the best Presidential candidate out there

Cory Booker is a progressive candidate who knows how to work across the aisle and who envisions an America for all Americans. If you agree with us that Cory is the leader that America needs now more than ever pledge to vote for Cory in the Middlebury Straw Poll on January 30th.



Take The Pledge

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Straw poll info



If you will not be in middlebury on january 30th you may particiapte in early voting starting on the 28th. For all other voters voting will occur on the 30th.


Two polling stations will be erected on campus. one will be outside armstrong library and one will be outside of the grille. There will be one polling station located in downtown Middlebury in a tba location.



keep up to date with the campaign by checking out our social media or texting @votecory to 81010

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